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Research is an important pillar within Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Research activity is expected to be able to increase the capability of every academic elements (such as students and staff lecturer) through In-depth understanding of the phenomenon as well as become actively involved in it. On the other hand, research is expected to produce a masterpiece that gives big contributions for the development of sciences it selves. In a more pragmatic point of view, research will be able to lift the competitiveness and bargaining value of an education institution. A high performance research will spur the development of Science, Technology and Art (IPTEKS) which ultimately will become the source of energy for education processes and service shown to society.

 Increased quality, quantity and usefulness of research in universities must be carried out sustainably as well as upholding the spirit of Scientific Truth on the top of the principle of academic freedom. At this point, we have to ensure that the process of the research productivity development in Higher Education could produce a compilation of research information (research records) that has value of integrity. Besides that, we also need to ensure that research activities can be carried out properly by always considering the moral and ethics values.

Publication of research would be a must do for the success of a study. With the publication of the results of research can be disseminated so that its benefits will be felt by society at large. Besides the publication of research can also be a benchmark reference in the writings of science-related and will encourage the interest of researchers to carry out further development.

Based on such matter, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of University of Gorontalo considers it important to create a form of publications to researches as well as for papers and journals. This publication will then be manifested in a journal with the names Gorontalo Journal of Government and Political Studies. With this Journal it is hoped that it will become a place for both academics of FISIP UG and the public citizens can pour their scientific ideas. Besides that, the journal will be one of the works that will elevate the competitiveness and bargaining value of University of Gorontalo.


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Call For Paper - Vol 2. No. 1 - April 2019


Kami mengundang peneliti dan akademisi untuk memasukkan artkel ilmiah pada Gorontalo Journal of Government and Political Science Vol 2, No 1 - April 2019

Sub Tema antara lain : politik, pemerintahan daerah, demokrasi, kebijakan publik dan ekonomi politik.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut dapat mengunduh panduan penulisan.

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Posted: 2019-03-02

Call For Paper - Vol 2. No. 1 - April 2019


We invite researchers and academics to submit the scientific paper on Gorontalo Journal of Government and Political Science Vol 2, No 1 - April 2019

Sub themes include: government, politics, regional government, public policy, democracy and political economy.

For more information, download the writing guide.

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Posted: 2019-03-02

Vol 1, No 2 (2018): Gorontalo Journal of Government and Political Studies - Vol.1 - No.2 - Oktober, 2018

Table of Contents


Ratnaningsih Damayanti, Fathur Rahman, Muhtar Haboddin
Nur Istiyan Harun, Ferdi Gani
Muhaimin Zulhair Achsin, Khairunnisa Nadifa
Lucyane Djaafar
Suaib Napir